Congratulations Angela! Your dedication and expertise in helping patients obtain and maintan their insurance coverage is outstanding!

October 2, 2018

Please join us in congratulating our Outreach Specialist, Angela Ward, for receiving the 2018 Outstanding Outreach & Enrollment medallion from Washington Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers. This medallion is awarded to Certified Navigators in recognition of excellent customer service and dedication to assisting community members obtain and maintain their insurance coverage.   November 1, 2018, marks the beginning of Angela’s 6th open enrollment year in assisting the patients of NEW Health Programs Association (NEWHP).  Her experience makes her an expert in her field, and NEWHP is honored to have her as our Outreach Specialist! If you need help with obtaining, maintaining or renewing your plan, please call Angela at (509) 935-6001 Ext. 217 or email her at



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